Do you want to lose weight or avoid gaining weight?weight loss

If the answer to either is “yes”, make an appointment to see Lisa Garcia, registered dietitian.  Why?

There are many “diets” out there.  Many diets provide only temporary weight loss because you are really losing water weight.  Other diets cause you to lose muscle – lean body mass – which you really want to preserve.

Lisa does not focus on diets. Instead she helps you develop skills, habits, recipes and food choices that promote good health and nutrition while you lose weight.

If you are already at your goal weight, working with Lisa can help you maintain that weight and avoid regaining weight.

You are unique and have your own lifestyle, history, medical conditions, budget, and food likes and dislikes.  As a registered dietitian with advanced training in weight management, Lisa takes all of that into account when she works with you.  Together you put together a weight loss or weight management plan that focuses on your needs and fits your life.

Another reason to work with Lisa is many insurance plans cover all or part of the cost of working with her.  That’s right.  Your insurance may actually cover having a trained health professional work one on one with you to achieve what you want.

Contact Lisa today and ditch the diet.