How to keep bananas from ripening too fast

June 2, 2020

bananas ripening

How to keep bananas from ripening too fast never used to be an issue in our household.  Going to a grocery store a couple of times a week was standard practice for me because we consume very few processed foods. I’m also often there doing research to help people who see me for nutrition counseling sessions.

Then the world changed

Those pop-in or research trips certainly changed when COVID-19 came on the scene.  Limiting trips to the grocery store became necessary for me and so many of you.  As we adjusted to so many rapid and disrupting changes my husband was absolutely fine with so many of the changes we put in place, but the banana issue was one that bugged him.

Lots of us have found out it’s the little things that can get to us in a long haul challenge.  It’s one of the ways humans deal with stress.  For him it was bananas.  For me…well let’s just say there was more than one stress point and ice cream was involved!

A secret revealed

It was a lucky day when a chance discussion with someone who works in produce told me something that means that for the time being we’ve solved the issue of bananas ripening too fast in our house.  I was careful about where I kept bananas in our kitchen.  But this secret was too simple to be believed.  So I tested it…and tested it again…and again.  Sure enough…it works!

This is the solution…

It’s easier to show you then tell you what the solution is, so watch below and never have bananas ripen too fast on you again!

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