Save money and eat “cleaner” with this quick, easy barbecue sauce

barbecue sauce

All too often the versions of barbecue sauce available in the grocery store are full of ingredients that many of us should limit or avoid.  Prepared sauces can also quickly inflate your grocery bill even though they are made of simple ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. Instead of buying that bottled barbecue sauce,…

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What is in your salad dressing?

Salad dressing used to be a simple combination of ingredients put together before a meal to enhance the flavor of a salad. Now it is a multi-million dollar industry that has us pouring chemicals on to our salads. Take a look at this ingredient label from a popular brand of salad dressing:

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Enjoy juicy, leaner, flavorful hamburgers with this secret


Even those of us who limit how much red meat we eat occasionally like indulge in a hamburger every once in a while, especially during cookout season.  I’ve often heard from people that the when they bite into their hamburger, the taste of them is sometimes not what they remember from growing up. I also…

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5 reasons radishes deserve to be on your grocery list

radish fodmap

There’s a vegetable out there that so often gets overlooked by most of us, but really deserves a second look: radishes. Oh yes, many of us may have seen a radish at least once a year during our childhood. Someone (usually a woman with many other things to do!) took the time to make those…

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5 tips for a breakfast that helps you have a better day


My post about breakfast ideas for when your schedule goes out the window certainly resonated with some of you! Several of you mentioned it during nutrition counseling sessions with me. Some of you wondered what breakfast should be like when the start of your day goes a bit more according to plan. Although your choices will vary based on…

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Win the breakfast challenge with this quick & easy recipe

breakfast challenge

The “breakfast challenge” is one of the most common issues I see with women who come to see me for help losing weight or avoiding weight gain.  Why? It frequently affects how they eat later in the day. What is the “breakfast challenge”? It can take many forms.  Do one or more of these sound…

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8 breakfast ideas for when your morning routine gets disrupted

#time crunched #breakfast #runninglate

Most people who see me for nutrition counseling know how I feel about the importance of not skipping meals – especially breakfast!  Skipping meals can result in you making poor food and portion choices later in the day. A disrupted morning… One of the things that I discuss with people when I work with them…

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Something to think about as you set goals

setting your goals

If you are like most people, you made a goal for the new year to change something about how you eat. Maybe your goal is to lose weight. As you turn another year older, maybe your goal for this year will be to avoid gaining weight. Perhaps your goal is to figure out how to eat in…

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Avoiding holiday weight gain isn’t just about willpower…

avoiding weight gain

For some of us, the holidays are an annual battle to avoid holiday weight gain and belly fat. On the surface, this may look like a simple case of needing to avoid or limit the many tempting and delicious holiday treats. The reality is far different. Holiday weight gain goes beyond the foods It’s not…

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