Have you heard about the FODMAP diet or FODMAPs and are wondering if you should eat this way?

What is the FODMAP diet is…and isn’t
FODMAPThe FODMAP diet was developed several years ago by researchers in Australia to help people reduce the symptoms and discomfort from some cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Many specialist and primary care physicians now recommend this diet, but important points get forgotten:

Who may be appropriate for the FODMAP diet?
This diet should only be considered by you if a doctor has given you a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Other medical issues can appear to be IBS and those possibilities need to be excluded first.

What is very important on the FODMAP diet?
You need to work with a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) experienced in the FODMAP approach. The FODMAP approach is complex and can lead to nutritional deficiencies if you do not receive the proper guidance.

I’ve also seen people who thought they were following the FODMAP approach appropriately, but they were not. This resulted in them either continuing to experience discomfort, avoiding and excluding many more foods than they need to, or both.

Some people also have non-FODMAP ingredients that are causing the issues. A registered dietitian nutritionist experienced in working with food sensitivities, such as I am, can help you detect and address these issues.

FODMAP confusion…
There is a lot of inaccurate and misleading information on the internet. I’ve also seen patients who received inaccurate or outdated information sheets from primary care providers and specialists.  Why?  They have so many things to focus on and nutrition is not their specialty or their primary focus.

This is an evolving method of treatment and you need to work with a registered dietitian nutritionist who keeps up with the research. Yes, I am experienced in the FODMAP approach and I do keep up on the research, but I go beyond that.  I also help you to figure out not only what you need to avoid or limit, but also what foods you can eat and ways to prepare them so you can get backing to enjoying eating.

Looking for help with the FODMAP diet or FODMAPs?

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I have been struggling with IBS for many years. I tried everything from various doctors, gastroenterologist, various diets, questionable food choices, the anxiety of needing to know where the closest bathroom was at all times. Abdominal pain, bloating, gas and diarrhea was a daily experience.  Different prescription medicine combinations just barely treating the symptoms but not addressing the disability. My doctor told me that she wanted me to go on the FODMAP diet. However, there was no instruction or direction on how to start. I became very confused and frustrated.

Lisa was understanding and extremely helpful in understanding food and how it plays an important role in controlling and managing my IBS. Working with Lisa I discovered I am lactose intolerant and that information was the key to better health and intestinal comfort.

I encourage anyone who is experiencing similar problems and are seeking answers to your IBS to reach out to Lisa. She helped me to live a pain-free and manageable life now.”     Kristin

A common mistake on the FODMAP diet

Despite what you may commonly hear or read, the FODMAP diet should not be followed for the long term.

The correct approach is, under the guidance of a registered dietitian nutritionist who is experienced in the FODMAP approach, is to follow a low FODMAP elimination diet for a few weeks. Your registered dietitian nutritionist will then guide you through a series of challenges to help you identify what foods are causing your issues.

The goal is to reduce your symptoms and to get you back to eating – and enjoying – the widest possible variety of foods.

“My GI doctor advised me to “go on line and pick a FODMAP” to follow. I came away totally frustrated, confused and feeling very alone. Lisa’s prompt reply to my phone message, and willingness to see me in a timely fashion were my first indicators that I had found someone who understood and could help me traverse this rocky terrain of learning how to live with and conquer my gut issues.”        Karen

Looking for help with the FODMAP diet or FODMAPs?

Let’s arrange a time to speak to see if working with me is right for you…
your insurance may even cover appointments with me!

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