IBS & Food Sensitivities

Eating is supposed to be pleasurable.
FODMAP_IBS_food_senstivititiesFor those of us with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),
food sensitivities or food intolerances
or Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) it can be different.

Do you find yourself thinking: If I eat this…
Is it going to make me uncomfortable?
Am I urgently going to need a bathroom?
Will I be embarrassed by sounds my body is making?

Are you tired of food getting in the way of enjoying your life?
Having personally struggled with food sensitivities and food intolerances, I know how uncomfortable and disrupting they can be.

I also know how good it feels when you get them under control!

Ready to get back to enjoying food and life?

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FODMAP?  Elimination Diets?  Food Sensitivity Testing? 

You may have tried some things already, or read about some things on the internet. The challenge is that there is a lot of inaccurate or incomplete information out there. Food sensitivities, FODMAPs, and the gut microbiome are evolving areas of study.  I stay on top of the research by attending national conferences, continually reading scientific studies, and through membership in a variety of professional groups.

Besides helping you figure out what you need to avoid or limit, I also have another important focus:
Helping you discover all the foods you are able to eat and enjoy!  Together we explore options that fit your preferences, cooking skills, schedule and budget.

“My GI doctor advised me to “go on line and pick a FODMAP diet” to follow. I came away totally frustrated, confused and feeling very alone.

Lisa’s prompt reply to my phone message, and willingness to see me in a timely fashion were my first indicators that I had found someone who understood and could help me traverse this rocky terrain of learning how to live with and conquer my gut issues.

Our initial meeting equipped me with more information and a plan that left me feeling more empowered and hopeful than I’d felt for a year.”          Karen

Finding Lisa was a life changer for me. I came to Lisa confused and overwhelmed with questions after having struggled with food sensitivities and a new diagnosis of EOE. Having worked with a gastroenterologist, my primary doctor, and an allergist, Lisa was able to help me put together all of the pieces and come up with an actionable plan that included getting to the bottom of what was causing my issues, rather than just giving me medication to cover it up.

With Lisa’s help, I’ve been able to find a baseline again of how I’m supposed to feel, which for someone who hasn’t felt “normal” in years, is a new concept.”                Shanna

I have been struggling with IBS for many years…I tried everything from various doctors, gastroenterologist, various diets, questionable food choices, the anxiety of needing to know where the closest bathroom was at all times. Abdominal pain, bloating, gas and diarrhea was a daily experience.  Different prescription medicine combinations just barely treating the symptoms, but not addressing the disability.

Lisa was understanding and extremely helpful in understanding food and how it plays an important role in controlling and managing my IBS. Working with Lisa I discovered I am lactose intolerant and that information was the key to better health and intestinal comfort.

I encourage anyone who is experiencing similar problems and are seeking answers to your IBS to reach out to Lisa. She helped me to live a pain-free and manageable life now.”            Kristin  

Get back to feeling better and enjoying food!

Let’s arrange a time to speak to see if working with me is right for you…
your insurance may even cover appointments with me!

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