Many insurance companies cover all or most of the cost of in person nutrition appointments with me.  

To find out if your insurance will cover your visit:

Call the member services number that is located on the front or back of your insurance card.

Ask if your plan cover appointments with a registered dietitian? (You must use the words "registered dietitian" as our training is more extensive and therefore covered by many insurance plans.)

              If no, please consider the other options I offer.

              If yes, ask the following questions:

1) Will your plan cover only in-person (face to face) visits, or are virtual appointments covered?

2) Is Lisa Garcia or Food Coach LLC included in your network? (If not, how can services be covered?)

3) Are there any limits on number of visits? If yes, when does this limit reset?

4) Do you need a referral from your primary care provider (PCP)?

5) Is there a co-pay for your visit or any co-insurance due?

6) Do you need to meet a deductible before the insurance will pay for your visit?


After getting these answers, if you have not already set up an appointment, please contact me