If your body is changing − or has changed− and you don’t like it…

I can help!

My coach approach gives you knowledge, encouragement and support, helps you overcome the barriers that get in your way, and enables you work with your body instead of against it.  If you’re experiencing any of the following and what you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked or isn’t working anymore, do something different – work with me!

IBS & Other Gut Related Issues

Is IBS or some other gut health issue making your life less pleasurable than it should be? Tame your “cranky gut” and get back to living your life!

Weight & Wellness

Have you found the more you try to address your weight or health issues the more confused you become about what to eat or what is even “healthy”?



  • 15-minute call
  • Ask questions
  • Understand options
  • Outline process
  • Take next step


  • 75- to 90-minute session
  • Explore goals & challenges
  • Expert evaluation
  • Clear recommendations
  • Quick start action plan


  • 1-1 Sessions
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Meal Planning Guidance
  • Customized Accountability Options
  • Individualized resources

"Going it alone and getting into situations where biology and willpower compete can lead to failure. That doesn’t mean change is impossible – it just means you need an expert like me on your team."


— Lisa Garcia MS, RDN, LD
Weight & Gut Expert


Real victory

I learned so much working with Lisa to get to the root issues with my IBS.  I came from my experience with so much more information as well as
practical techniques for managing my symptoms. She helped me navigate both the FODMAP elimination diet (a journey that would have been so much harder without her) as well as discover and address the non-FODMAP triggers that were causing issues for me.

It was so clear how up to date on current and forthcoming nutritional information she was and using that, she charted a clear course for me to ultimately uncover the root causes of a health issue I have dealt with all my life.  I only wish I had connected with her decades ago!"


Life Changing

Working with Lisa has been a life-changing experience for me. I have always had a
challenging relationship with food. Lisa is helping me to take control of what I eat and be intentional in the choices I make.


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