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Are you struggling?

Is it hard to decide what to eat?

Have you noticed your body is changing and what you did in the past isn’t working so well?

Is your enjoyment of food being replaced with the fear of gaining weight or not feeling well?

Does your metabolism or body seem to betray you?

Do you have food cravings that are simply getting the best of you?

Have you found the more you try to address your weight or gut issues the more confused you become about what to eat or what is even “healthy”?

I can help!

IBS & Other Gut Related Issues

Is IBS or some other gut health issue making your life less pleasurable than it should be? Tame your “cranky gut” and get back to living your life!

Weight & Wellness

Have you found the more you try to address your weight or health issues the more confused you become about what to eat or what is even “healthy”?

Enjoy your life...and food!

When weight and gut issues become a part of our life not only are we faced with the challenge of restoring health and balance, but we can also be robbed of energy, body confidence, and simply enjoying our life to the fullest. What we find is that food becomes a daily struggle — fighting with cravings, confusion from nutrition misinformation and even feeling like food is our enemy. Food is central to health and wellness and plays a big part in our enjoyment of life — find your food joy again with an approach that can makes all the difference.

I understand, I have been there too!

Before becoming an RDN, I had another career and struggled with poor eating habits, managed stress by eating, and battled belly fat and weight gain.

I’ve also struggled with gut health issues and felt like my body had turned against me.   Food went from being pleasurable to something causing pain, worry and very disrupting reactions in my body.

Fortunately, I was able to resolve my issues.  How? By applying what I learned through thousands of hours of advanced studies in nutrition and body science and by staying current with emerging research.  I am so thankful for how my life has improved and that I can help countless others address their health and weight concerns and realize they can feel great and still enjoy food.

The key thing that may be missing in your health and eating journey

To make the changes you want, it’s important to have someone who works one on one with you to help you on your eating journey.  A person who understands the science of how your body and food interacts and takes the time to understand your preferences, lifestyle, medical history, schedule, and challenges. Someone who encourages you and helps you identify and adopt changes, habits, and routines that can take you from where are to where you want to be. This is precisely what I do with people like you!

Get my secrets to successfully making changes


The difference is evidence!

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Nutrition Truths

It’s a confusing world out there with so much information – and misinformation –  from so many sources: the media, internet, friends, advertisements, and on food packages.

What’s fad and hype? What’s old information? What’s incomplete information or inaccurate? Figuring out what is right for you isn’t easy.  Use my advanced training in nutrition, weight management and gut health to help you find what works for your body and your lifestyle.

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Body Science Facts

Your body is constantly changing and how it reacts now is different from even five or ten years ago. That has consequences.  

Science is also changing our understanding of the relationship between food, weight and health – especially with the exploration of the gut microbiome.

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The Coach Approach

Changing your eating habits and health is a journey.  Going it alone − or putting yourself in situations where biology and willpower compete − often leads to failure or going back to old habits.

My coach approach gives you knowledge, support, accountability, helps you overcome barriers, and works with your metabolism and body instead of against it.  If what you tried in the past hasn’t worked or isn’t working anymore, is it time to do something different?

Real life victory

Lisa has not only helped me realize and change my habits, but she gives me the tools I need to be successful.  She has taught me how to make healthier choices but also allowing me to have things that are important to me so that I don’t feel deprived.


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