8 breakfast ideas for when your morning routine gets disrupted

January 31, 2018

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Most people who see me for nutrition counseling know how I feel about the importance of not skipping meals – especially breakfast!  Skipping meals can result in you making poor food and portion choices later in the day.

A disrupted morning…

One of the things that I discuss with people when I work with them to lose weight and to improve their health status is what to do when your plan or schedule goes…well out the window! After all, who hasn’t had one of those days?!

It happened to me one morning earlier this year. I was on schedule and about to start making breakfast before starting my workday. On my way to the kitchen, I pulled back the drapes and screamed.

Wouldn’t you if a mouse ran across your foot?!! In rural New Hampshire, field mice are a fact of life and at certain times of the year they want to be “house” mice instead of “field” mice!

Skipping breakfast almost happened…

grey cat

The “grey tornado” had fun, but my morning routine was in ruins…

Our cat, whose nickname is the “grey tornado”, thought this was hilarious and a great game to play as she chased the mouse around our house and added to the chaos.  My husband was doing his level best to keep the creature from going behind bookcases and furniture. Now I can laugh about it, but at that point, I just wanted the darned thing out of my house!

Eventually, the creature was dispatched, but my morning routine was out the window and I was running far behind schedule. Skipping breakfast could have easily happened.  Fortunately,  I do practice what  I recommend to people see me for help losing weight and avoiding weight gain:

My kitchen is stocked with items that allowed me to quickly pull together a breakfast that I could eat quickly while getting my computer started at my office. (No, I don’t recommend making a habit of this!)

Below are some ideas that may help when your mornings are time-crunched or don’t go according to plan. Preparedness counts because life happens. As sure as the sun sets, your schedule is going to be disrupted at some point!

If you have time to sit down for breakfast:

● Whatever you planned to have for lunch! At this point, the issue is to fuel yourself for your morning and the rest of the day to reduce your chances of making poor choices in the evening. Worry about lunch later.

● A bowl of hot cereal (usually less than 2 minutes in the microwave), a piece of fruit, and either yogurt or a glass of milk.

● Leftovers reheated in the microwave. Thinking beyond typical “breakfast foods” gives you more options.

● A large portion of yogurt with fruit you have added.

If you need to eat breakfast on the run:

● Cereal on the go. Put your dry cereal into a container to eat as a dry snack and fill a travel mug with milk. Grab a piece of fruit from your fruit bowl or bin as you head out the door. Eat your cereal dry and wash it down by sipping the milk.

● Put leftover protein from last night’s dinner or peanut butter on whole grain bread for a quick sandwich. Have it on the go along with a piece of fruit and milk or water.

● An Rx Bar or a Perfect Bar and milk or water. I’m typically not a “bar” fan, but they do come in handy as meal replacements when your day gets disrupted. (Full disclosure: I received free samples from Rx Bar to try, and I am glad I did.)

● The hard-boiled egg from your refrigerator along with a piece of fruit, a serving of whole grain crackers, and water. (Yes, always have at least one hard-boiled egg in your refrigerator!  )

These are not perfect options, but they can keep you away from the temptations of the drive-through or from skipping breakfast altogether.



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