Clementines: 5 reasons to buy and a warning…

February 15, 2020


I’m often asked by people “What are some healthy snacks if I am on the go?”  Unless the person has stomach issues such as acid reflux, among the choices I frequently recommend are clementines or fresh mandarin oranges.  Both of these fruits are sometimes sold under the name “Halos” or “Cuties” in bags or boxes.   I have five reasons why you should consider adding them to your shopping list,  but I also have a warning that you may need to consider.


Reason to enjoy #1

They taste great! The small individual sections fill your mouth with a tangy and sweet juice. If you’re used to drinking soda, try eating one of these instead. You may get similar enjoyment from something that’s far better for you!


Reason to enjoy #2

Despite being sweet, they low in carbohydrates!  One of these orange balls of goodness has just 9 grams of carbohydrate if it’s a clementine.  If it’s a medium mandarine orange, it has 12 grams of carbohydrate.   That’s good news if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes and looking to manage your blood glucose levels.


The news about these fruits is even better if you are in the elimination phase of the FODMAP approach to managing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)As an expert in the FODMAP approach to helping manage IBS, I am happy to say these fruits are low FODMAP and can be enjoyed freely while you are in the elimination phase if you don’t have issues related to stomach acidity such as acid reflux or GERD.


Reason to enjoy #3

They are portable and easy to peel. They’re also far less likely to spray your clothes and the surrounding area with sticky juice. Children and some older adults find clementines much easier to peel than oranges.


Reason to enjoy #4

They are an excellent source of vitamin C. If you are a non-smoking woman who isn’t currently breastfeeding, eat just one a day and get almost half of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.


Reason to enjoy #5

They are fun to eat. Okay, I’ll admit it. Will you?!!! Even though we are adults, we secretly enjoy trying to remove the entire clementine peel in once piece. (Doesn’t that make you smile sometimes?!!)


A word of warning…

German shepherd laying on cream colored floor

Be careful where you put your bowl of clementines. They will disappear quickly and it may not be just the humans in your house eating them. We had a dog years ago who initially thought they were tennis balls and came to love them. She stole clementines every time they were within reach!


More tips…

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