The surprising way to enjoy your food more while eating less

March 24, 2019

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If I said you could enjoy your favorite foods and desserts so much more and still eat less, would you be interested?  Read on!

Start by asking yourself a question

Why do you eat the foods you think you should be limiting? Or the foods you are apt to eat too much of?  It’s not a trick question, and no one will know your answer, so be honest with yourself.

Was “because I like it”  or “because it tastes good” one of your top reasons? It is for many of us!  It’s certianly true with me.

Sure, there are things we eat because we should. There are also dishes we eat to keep from offending someone. (You know what I mean!) Sometimes we emotionally eat.  Chances are, however, there are foods you eat because you enjoy the way they taste.

So why do we cheat ourselves?

Yet many of us are cheating ourselves out of full enjoyment of what we eat. It’s true.  Just image if you could double the pleasure you get from your favorite foods, desserts or snacks and actually eat less of them.  It’s possible!

Body science holds the key…

One of the things I love doing is helping people to understand how to make their body work with them instead of against them. Often this means talking about metabolism, hormones, or their gut microbiome. In this case, it’s helping you to understand how your body works and how a slight change can make your life more enjoyable.

Understanding taste…

When you eat something and like it your brain has decided that what you have in your mouth is pleasing. While texture and aroma play a role in this, taste is a crucial factor.

Here’s the easy way to think about it. Think back to the last time you had something that smelled wonderful but tasted far less enjoyable than you imagined it would. That’s aroma versus taste.

You taste something because the food in your mouth has triggered some of the approximately 10,000 or more taste receptors in your mouth. Most of them are located in the taste buds on your tongue. The longer the food stays in contact with your tongue, the more frequently those taste receptors are stimulated and the more you get to enjoy the taste of the food.

Rushing through the experience…

If you’re like most people in our busy world today, you chew your food only a few times and swallow it. The second that food moves from your mouth to your throat, you are mostly done tasting it.

Yes, there’s still some aroma coming into play at the back of your mouth, and there are a few taste buds at the back of your throat, but the majority of your tasting experience is over. To experience it again you need more food in your mouth, and that means more calories.

The secret…

So one secret to getting more enjoyment from your food and eating few calories is this my tip #14:

Don’t be in such a rush to swallow!

Keep food in your mouth longer.  Chew more.  Since your taste buds will be exposed to the food for longer, you get more taste to enjoy!

Making it happen…

The solution sounds easy, but on reality, our busy lives can make this difficult.  One of the things my coach approach does is to help you discover the techniques and build the skills that enable you to do this.

What many people have found when working with me is that they get more enjoyment from their favorite foods even while they are eating smaller portions of them. So set up an appointment or a discovery call so you can enjoy your food more!

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Having personally struggled with weight and gut health issues, I understand how easy it is to think that food is the enemy especially with the changes our bodies undergo as we age.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

I love using my extensive education and coach approach to help people realize it is possible to feel better and be healthier while still enjoying their life and food.

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