How to choose and use the perfect peach

May 30, 2019


The arrival of fresh peaches in the grocery store is something that always makes me smile.  Sure there are canned peaches and frozen peaches.  For me, however, there is no comparison – fresh is best!

I fell in love with food at the age of four when my great grandmother, using her mixture of English and Hungarian, invited me to pick a ripe peach from her garden.  I didn’t know it until nearly four decades later, but that experience would lead me to found Food Coach and it still grounds my philosophy about food and eating today.


Enjoying the experience

When I eat a fresh peach by itself, I confess that I eat a little faster than I should.  Due to wanting to avoid getting a peach juice bath I lose some of the flavor experience with my quick eating and these sweet, slightly tangy balls of flavor deserve to be savored.

So I have sought out ways to use peaches in breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.


Other ways to enjoy a peach

Besides eating your peaches by themselves, consider pairing them up with other foods to give your day a health and sweet boost:

Slice a peach and add it to plain yogurt for a sweet and healthy treat.

Use them in a salad in place of tomatoes. (Here’s a great bean salad that uses peaches.)

Enjoy a sweet and spicy taste by adding peaches to salsa.

Substitute peaches in almost any recipe that calls for mangos.

Have a fragrant and delicious breakfast by adding peach slices to warm oatmeal.

Add thin slices to a peanut butter (or nut butter) sandwich in place of jam or jelly.


The carb fear…

Yes, you can still eat peaches if you are counting calories or carbohydrates to manage your blood sugars!  A medium fresh peach, which is about the size of a tennis ball, has just 60 calories and about 14 grams of carbohydrate. Eating the skin and the flesh gives you 2 grams of fiber, so don’t peel them if possible.


How to choose a good peach

There are over 700 varieties of peaches, so color is not a good indication of ripeness. The Georgia Peach Council recommends avoiding buying rock-hard peaches and choosing ones that yield slightly to gentle pressure along the seam of the peach. Another method recommended by some sources is to search for peaches that have a light peach scent near the stem.

Once you get your peaches home, the council also suggests keeping them on the counter until they are at the stage of ripeness you prefer. Then refrigerate them and eat within a day or so.


Making the most of what you eat

Are you thinking about food in terms of “good” foods and “bad” foods? Are you ready to stop dieting and start developing a healthier and enjoyable relationship with food?

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Having personally struggled with weight and gut health issues, I understand how easy it is to think that food is the enemy especially with the changes our bodies undergo as we age.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

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