7 ways to use spaghetti squash

October 10, 2020

Cooked spaghetti squash and fork on table

Looking for ways to use spaghetti squash? In an earlier post, I shared an easy way to cook and store it for future use, so I wanted to follow with some great ways to use it.

Yes, I am a fan of this vegetable because it’s so versatile.  As a non-starchy vegetable, it’s a benefit our health in so many ways and helps keep us satisfied even with a lower calorie meal. It’s also a low FODMAP food.

Sauce it!

Okay, it’s an obvious way to use spaghetti squash, but don’t forget it! Whether it’s a sauce from a jar, a quick pan sauce you’ve made, or using up some leftover stew as the sauce, spaghetti squash is perfect for this.  When I need a meal quickly, I reach into my freezer for my stash of spaghetti squash, grab a sauce, and dinner is made quickly and easily.

If you are someone who needs to avoid wheat, using spaghetti squash can often be more affordable than buying many of the gluten free pasta options available today.  (One of the things I love about working with people who have digestive issues is helping them feel better and sharing ways to make eating enjoyable again and budget friendly!)

Use it in place of rice

Do you serve rice as a side dish or with a stir fry?   There’s nothing wrong with rice, but many of us eat too much of it.  If we’re not careful, this adds quite a few calories and carbohydrates to our suppers. That can be an issue if you’re watching your weight or trying to manage your blood glucose levels.

So use cooked spaghetti squash instead of rice!  Like rice, it will soak up the flavors of like rice but you’ll eat a lot fewer calories and carbs! One cup of cooked spaghetti squash cooked using one of my methods has only 42 calories, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 28 grams of sodium, and 2.2 grams of fiber. Compare that to the 200+ calories and 45 grams of carbohydrate in a cup of rice.

Maybe it’s worth trying this idea?!  Try it with my rosemary and garlic chicken recipe and see how you like it.

Use it in chili

Adding cooked spaghetti squash to your next batch of chili is an easy way to increase the amount of non-starchy vegetables you get in each serving and also reduce the calories and carbs!  Yes, you could even add it to my hide a lot chili recipe.

Nest an egg in it

Here’s a delicious and easy way to start your day off with a non-starchy vegetable or add a non-starchy vegetable to “breakfast for dinner” night:

Warm up some cooked spaghetti squash in a frying pan.  When it’s nice and hot, spread it into a pancake shape.  Make a “nest” by putting a hole in it and then put an egg in the middle of it.  Cover the pan and wait until the egg is cooked to the way you like it.  Depending on how you like your egg, this is about 2 to 5 minutes.

Add it to a soup bowl

Before you ladle soup into a bowl, put some cooked spaghetti squash into the bottom of the bowl and put it into a microwave to warm up for a minute or so.  (This is why I love the “hock pucks” I told you about in my earlier post.) Then add your soup and stir.  It’s a simple way to add more non-starchy vegetables to your meal without changing your recipes.

This is especially helpful if you live with someone who isn’t into eating healthier or who doesn’t like spaghetti squash!

Mix it into in mac & cheese

If you love mac & cheese, but don’t like what it does to your waistline or your carb count here’s a solution.  Reduce the pasta in your recipe by 25% and replace it with cooked spaghetti squash.

Make a casserole

When you think of a casserole, what is the main ingredient in it?  Did you answer pasta, potatoes or rice?  Most people would.  Here’s a recipe to try, however, that uses spaghetti squash.

Get more ideas

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