5 tips for a breakfast that helps you have a better day

March 9, 2018


My post about breakfast ideas for when your schedule goes out the window certainly resonated with some of you! Some of you wondered what breakfast should be like when the start of your day goes a bit more according to plan.

Your choices will vary based on your needs, what you like, goals, and schedule. (That’s one of the many things we would talk about if you have a private nutrition counseling sessions with me.)  To get you started, however, here are the five tips I often suggest for building healthier eating habits into your daily life:

1) Get all the important elements in

Breakfast is the meal that fuels the start of your day.  It should include a source of protein, fruit or non-starchy vegetable, and a high-quality carbohydrate.

2) Make it at least 30% of the calories you will consume for the day

A non-existent breakfast, or a skimpy one, can leave you open to the snacking temptations that make be lurking in your office or your kitchen. It can also lead to poor lunch choices.  Starting the day with a meal that leaves you appropriately hungry (and not “famished” or “starving” ) by late morning or lunchtime helps you to make better choices for lunch.   Plus it helps to keep the “munch monster” from striking in the late afternoon or evening.

3) Vary your breakfast options if you get bored

Some of us do well with routine in the morning, especially if we’ve gotten less sleep than we needed the night before. (Oh the “joys” of being a woman in mid-life!)

Others of us, however, may need some variety to make us look forward to eating breakfast.  Food – even healthy food – should be enjoyed! Think about taste, texture, aroma, and color.

4) Think outside the usual choices

Breakfast doesn’t have to be made up of “breakfast” foods.  When I traveled to other countries, I realized that much of the world doesn’t view foods as being for breakfast and others for lunch or dinner.  We have “breakfast for dinner”, so why not “lunch” or “dinner” foods in the morning?!

5) Outsmart the marketers

Spending a few minutes in the cereal aisle of your local grocery store will show you how much food companies use color, pictures, and words to make you think their product is the best.  Many also want you to believe that their product is healthier for you than it really is.

So here’s a tip to avoid temptation as you shop: Don’t pay attention to anything on that box except the nutrition facts panel and the ingredients list!  All the rest is selling and would be called a “commercial” if appeared on television.

A quick walk down the frozen food aisles further reveals why food companies love breakfast. They can take relatively inexpensive ingredients, do a little or a lot of processing, and then sell the item at a hefty markup.   Outsmart them by trying something like my quick & easy breakfast casserole and save some money!

So what will you do?

Do you have questions about how to make this happen in your life?  Set up an appointment or a free discovery call and let’s talk to see if I can help you!

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Having personally struggled with weight and gut health issues, I understand how easy it is to think that food is the enemy especially with the changes our bodies undergo as we age.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

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